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  • Dark Raven Hand Bar

    Dark Raven Hand Bar

    Did you know that coffee grounds have amazing powers to eliminate odors on your hands?  Even the strong odors from chopping onions or working with garlic? Not only is our luxury hand bar made with nourishing oils and...

  • Hemp & Honey Hand Lotion

    Made with hempseed oil, honey, rich oils and butters, this hand cream is rich and moisturizing. Aloe juice is soothing to dry skin while rosemary and comfrey are both healing. 

  • Honey Bar

    Honey Bar

    A delightful way to pamper hands and feet at the end of the day. Our honey bar is a solid form conditioning lotion in the shape of a honeycomb. Made with beeswax and honey, the scent is intoxicating. Let it condition and...

  • Kokum Butter Bliss Cream

      Kokum Butter Bliss Skin Cream is uniquely blissful.  You will love it and so will your dry, cracked and irritated feet, hands, knees and elbows.  With generous helpings of both kokum and shea butter,...

  • Lava Foot Bar

    Lava Foot Bar

    Just in time for summer! Lava Foot Bar will help keep your feet smooth and clean. Scrub them with our conditioning foot bar that contains a generous amount of ground lava rock. Peppermint soothes and makes feet feel fresh...

  • Lava Hand Bar

    Lava Hand Bar

    Made with lava rock this hand bar is aimed at cleaning the nasties off your hands whether it's dirt or grease. This bar contains a generous amount of scrubby pumice to smooth skin as well as D-Limonene to disinfect...

  • Lavender Lust Body Cream

    Lavender Lust Body Cream

    Finally, a cream for true lavender lovers but one with a whole lot of benefits. This is a super moisturizing cream with vitamin E-rich meadowfoam seed oil which helps prevent dehydration of the skin while repairing and...

  • Lemon Cuticle Cream

    Lemon Cuticle Cream

    Shea butter works with the other specialty oils while lemon juice and nettle act as both anti-inflammatory and astringent. in this manicure product to moisturize and soften the cuticle. Massage it into the cuticles and...

  • Menthol Madness Foot Cream

    Menthol Madness Foot Cream

    Key ingredients: nettle, olive oil, menthol crystals and peppermint essential oil. Olive oil infused with fresh mint leaves makes the wonderfully aromatic oil used in this foot cream.  The combination of olive oil,...

  • Menthol Madness Foot Soak

    Menthol Madness Foot Soak

    Key ingredients: menthol crystals, peppermint essential oil. This little pouch is packed with ingredients that soothe sore and tired feet. The winning combination of menthol crystals and peppermint essential oil will not...

  • Mentholated Foot Salve

    Mentholated Foot Salve

    A wonderful cooling and moisturizing salve with coconut oil, kokum butter, jojoba oil and the cooling effect of menthol for dry, tired, aching feet!  Put 'em up and put this on - you're going to feel like dancing in no...

  • Silky Nettle Hand & Body Cream

    Silky Nettle Hand & Body Cream

    A must have everyday hand and body cream. Keep it close to the sink as you’ll be reaching for it every time you wash your hands. Product Description: This lovely silky cream absorbs into the skin nicely. Regular use...

  • Wild Comfrey Cream

    Wild Comfrey Cream

    Key ingredients: Wild comfrey leaves. A lovely soothing and healing skin cream, scented with fragrant neroli essential oil and is formulated with a generous portion of wild comfrey leaf extract.  Comfrey is known for...

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