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Our approach to skin care products is simple.  First and foremost we prefer to use fresh raw ingredients from our farm where we have complete control from seed purchases to processing into herbal and/or botanical waters, tinctures, dehydrations and infusions into fine products.  Many of the fresh ingredients we use are wildcrafted.  All of our fresh ingredients are grown organically. 

We prefer to use organic butters and oils and actives that are derived from natural sources.  Our products are mostly vegan and all products are free from parabens, phthalates and other nasty chemicals that are either harmful to our bodies or to the environment by the way they are processed. We are against cruelty to animals and completely support all of the movements toward shutting down animal testing for cosmetic ingredients. Supporting fair trade is very important to us.

We do not use palm oil in our products.  In the last couple of years we  have replaced palm oil with the wonderfully omega rich Canadian camelina oil.

When you see a "fragrance" listed on our labels be assured that they are "natural fragrances" or "plant based fragrance" which means they are scent blends produced from natural plant sources. Most of the time we use essential oils but on occasion we prefer to scent a product with something that can't be reproduced with pure essential oils. 

Our oils and butters are carefully researched and sourced.  We concentrate on using many of nature’s richest bounty from areas were plant life is grown in the purest naturally organic soils, creating some of the world’s most amazing ingredients.

Even our packaging choices are made with waste in mind. You won't find a box covering our jars of skin care products. Our landfills are already too full without adding a few more boxes. Most of our soap bars are not labelled but we will label on demand if it is requested. Every container we use is recyclable. 


Here are some of our key ingredients: 

Turmeric has been used in topical facial preparations for many centuries.  There are a wide number of ailments and conditions being treated with turmeric.  Some of these are eczema, acne and hives caused by allergies due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Blackheads, acne, blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation have also been helped with the aid of turmeric.  When it comes to anti-aging, erasing fine wrinkles and improving the overall health of the skin, turmeric comes to the rescue.

Pure virgin Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum Tacamahaca Seed Oil) is a remarkable healing oil. Our 100% pure Tamanu Oil comes from the Tamanu tree in the Polynesian Islands.  Research has revealed it’s amazing benefits for healing cuts, rashes, minor cuts, abrasions, scarring and stretch marks. In Polynesia people have used this amazing oil for centuries to help rid and reduce a wide range of skin ailments like acne, eczema, scars, age spots and psoriasis.

Marumaru butter (Astrocaryum Marumaru Seed Butter) comes from the Marumaru palm tree which grows in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.  Research reveals Marumaru butter is rich in fatty acids, oleic acid, vitamin A and it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is rich with antioxidants. Apart from being super rich, it is a natural moisturizer.  It penetrates to the deeper layers of skin and stimulates growth of collagen and elastin to help repair skin damage caused by the environment, thus improving skin texture and elasticity. Apart from anti-aging properties, it also helps combat eczema, psoriasis and it aids in healing skin abrasions.  Marumaru butter is high in lauric acid which is a rare medium chain fatty acid.  This fatty acid is found in human breast milk and coconut oil, and is being studied for it’s antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Our 100% pure Marula oil is wild harvested from Nambia.  It is 100% natural and is unrefined, securing the most potent attributes.  Because Marula is known to be one of the most oxidant stable oils in the world, it is an outstanding anti-aging oil, with extraordinary nourishing benefits as well as improves the moisture balance and elasticity in skin. Marula oil is easily absorbed into the skin and quickly plumps it up giving skin back the youthful luster it had prior to damage from the sun or other environmental evils.

Babassu butter is harvested from the babassu palm tree.  Native to Brazil it is known as the “Tree of Life”.  Our unrefined, cold pressed butter is 100% natural and all of its amazing nutrients provide some pretty incredible benefits to our skin.  Babassu is rich in Vitamin E, making it a super powered antioxidant that supports collagen and elastin damaged by free radicals and in addition it stimulates production of new collagen and elastin proteins.  The use of babassu butter or oil helps plump skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping the skin to stay smooth, supple and youthful.

The fatty acids in Kukui Nut Oil (Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui) Seed Oil) provide superior moisturizing benefits to the skin.    It helps protect the skin from environmental elements (sun, wind & pollution), and has the ability to penetrate the skin and promoting soft, smooth, supple and glowing skin.

Sclerotium gum is an active ingredient obtained through fermentation from hardened fungal masses of various types of fungi. The most common source is a parasitic fungus named Sclerotium rolfsii.  It is high in polysaccharides, especially beta glucans, namely scleroglucan, and has multiple benefits for the skin: it protects the lipid barrier, prevents water loss, increases moisturization, protects and repair damaged skin, enhances the local immune response and increases collagen production and deposits.  Some of the amazing benefits of sclerotium gum in skin care are:  moisturizes and hydrates skin, is an anti-inflammatory, helps in wound healing, supports protection from sun damage, promotes collagen production, and is an antioxidant.  Sclerotium gum is an ideal topical delivery system of active ingredients.  This means that active ingredients suspended in sclerotium gum have better penetration to the epidermis.  These are only some of the many reasons we use sclerotium gum in all of our serums.  

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 which is essential for maintaining optimal skin health.  It helps increase the production of important skin structural components such as collagen and keratin. Niacinamide also effectively lightens and brightens the skin, and is known to decrease hyperpigmentation.  It helps reduce wrinkles, reduce acne and helps heal wounds.  

Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid) – Willow Bark Extract (Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract) is very popular in anti-acne skin treatments.  Salicylic acid is a keratolytic compound, meaning it exfoliates the skin and sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving behind smooth skin.  It also helps with hyperpigmentation.  Some other key benefits are: helps reduce blackheads, is and anti-inflammatory, helps control oily skin, refines pores and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 


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