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Galiano Skin Care Products

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to ship these products outside Canada.  

Ninety-five percent of our skin care products are made with organically grown and processed Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) from our farm on Galiano Island. We believe that nettle is an important herb for the outside of the body as well as the inside. Fresh new growth nettle is picked almost every day in the high growing season and processed immediately to preserve freshness and to ensure there is little loss in valuable nutrients.

From the ocean to you, fresh processed seaweed is also used in some of our products.  The Japanese have been using it for years to promote healthy skin and hair. 

Our products contain only premium oils and ingredients known to be safe for those prone to acne break-outs. Many of our products contain infused oils created from orgainclly grown fresh raw ingredients harvested and processed on our Galiano farm.   

We have found that some people are sensitive to scents even when a scent is from essential oils so we create most of our products using lower scent volume.  Some products can be offerred unscented but there are some products we are not able to produce unscented as the essential oils used play an important role in the product effectiveness.   

Simply Amazing Skin Care - Made in Canada - Canadian Customers receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Galiano Island - Gem of the Gulf Islands

Galiano Island Soap Works is dedicated to creating healthy skin care products using home grown fresh raw ingredients that are handpicked and hand processed in small batches to ensure high quality additions to our products. Fresh is best!

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