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  • Bronco Shampoo Bar

    Bronco Shampoo Bar

    You love your horse, right?  We love your horse too and especially after you bathe him using our Bronco Bar. We use a combination of oils and butters to help the skin and hair stay in optimal condition for show season...

  • Buck Off!

    Buck Off!

    Buck off nuisance insects with this completely natural rub on insect repellent.  We have horses too and find that using a spray repellent on a cloth and wiping it on their faces is not only messy but it is a huge waste...

  • Horse Lips Lip Balm

    Horse Lips Lip Balm

    Lip balm for your horse? No, it's for you silly.  We used the same great formula as our Original Lip Balm with a great new coconut and mint flavour. Oh so yummy!   **Important Note:  If you are allergic to...

  • Rebuild (rapid wound healing salve)

    Rebuild (rapid wound healing salve)

    We are taking everything out of your chemically based wound healing medicine chest and replacing it with this simple jar of powerful wound healing salve made with all natural ingredients chosen for their anti-inflammatory,...

  • Whoa!


    Say Whoa! to sunburnt noses.  Your horse's unprotected skin is just as tender as yours is. Zinc oxide is known to provide a total sunblock to skin and hair. Our balm helps keep skin soft and supple while protecting from...

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Galiano Island - Gem of the Gulf Islands

Galiano Island Soap Works is dedicated to creating healthy skin care products using home grown fresh raw ingredients that are handpicked and hand processed in small batches to ensure high quality additions to our products. Fresh is best!

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