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Body Treatments

  • Burdock Balm

    Burdock Balm

    Try this soothing balm on areas that are inflamed or irritated from conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or extremely dry skin. Also contains arnica, a beneficial ingredient for pain and swelling associated with bruises,...

  • Forest Nettle Salve

    Forest Nettle Salve

    Can’t get enough of that stinging nettle! This salve will help soothe skin inflammation from conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and insect bites and is heavenly scented with cinnamon, clove and juniper berry, known...

  • Green Muscle Cream

    Green Muscle Cream

    Are you looking for a cream that delivers quick relief from sore muscles? Stop searching and order now. Our cream contains more than 9 of the most powerful pain relieving anti-inflammatory herb extracts and oils. Ravensara...

  • Green Muscle Massage Oil

    Green Muscle Massage Oil

    We have had such great reviews on our Green Muscle Cream and have been asked for a massage oil with the same sore muscle soothing components.  A great massage oil should not only provide the pain relief we are all...

  • Heavenly Hemp Salve

    Heavenly Hemp Salve

      Hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids making it an excellent choice for nourishing and hydrating the skin. The healing, anti-inflammatory and anti aging benefits of hemp, nettle and cupuacu butter in...

  • Hemp & Honey Hand Lotion

    Made with hempseed oil, honey, rich oils and butters, this hand cream is rich and moisturizing. Aloe juice is soothing to dry skin while rosemary and comfrey are both healing. 

  • Honey Bar

    Honey Bar

    A delightful way to pamper hands and feet at the end of the day. Our honey bar is a solid form conditioning lotion in the shape of a honeycomb. Made with beeswax and honey, the scent is intoxicating. Let it condition and...

  • Lavender Body Butter

    Lavender Body Butter

    We invite you to enjoy the heavenly scent of French lavender in our luxurious mango generous body butter.  Your skin will benefit from the long lasting effects of vitamins a and c which are crucial to skin self repair...

  • Lavender Lust Body Cream

    Lavender Lust Body Cream

    Finally, a cream for true lavender lovers but one with a whole lot of benefits. This is a super moisturizing cream with vitamin E-rich meadowfoam seed oil which helps prevent dehydration of the skin while repairing and...

  • Miracle Comfrey Salve

    Miracle Comfrey Salve

    We are fortunate to have an abundance of the miracle plant comfrey to pick fresh most days of the year. Young tender leaves are infused in oils for use in our healing comfrey products.  An important natural and...

  • Silky Nettle Hand & Body Cream

    Silky Nettle Hand & Body Cream

    A must have everyday hand and body cream. Keep it close to the sink as you’ll be reaching for it every time you wash your hands. Product Description: This lovely silky cream absorbs into the skin nicely. Regular use...

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Galiano Island Soap Works is dedicated to creating healthy skin care products using home grown fresh raw ingredients that are handpicked and hand processed in small batches to ensure high quality additions to our products. Fresh is best!

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