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The ONLY kind of THIEVES You Want In Your Home!

Don't let the name fool you...."Thieves Oil" will not rob, pickpocket or swindle you. If anything it's one of the most versatile and powerful blends of essential oils to bless your medicine cabinet.Imagine combining the warm perfume of cinnamon, the cleansing properties of lemon, mind soothing lavender, the mentally invigorating Rosemary, uplifting Peppermint, healing comfrey [...]

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Our Organic Shea Butter from Ghana has Arrived!

For millennia, Ghanaian women have harnessed one of nature’s best kept secrets, the heart of the wild Shea fruit that creates Shea Butter. Little wonder that cosmetic companies have been rushing to incorporate Shea Butter in their skincare products.We are excited to have connected with our wonderful new representative and supplier of Organic Shea Butter and to be learning more about the Shea [...]

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The Leaping Bunny makes more than just Rabbits Hoppy!

In 2013 we joined the movement (Leaping Bunny) to help end animal testing.  Our entire team is devoted to loving animals and more than half of us are involved in animal rescue. Galiano Island Soap Works is a store situated on our rescue farm where retired and rescued animals receive high quality care and are [...]

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BABY, it's COLD outside!!

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you love these cold crisp winter days you will want to take steps to keep your skin from becoming dry and sallow looking. And lack of humidity in the air doesn't help the matter."Skin gets dry because the wind and cold weather irritate it, and [...]

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Lucious Lips!


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​Planting the “Bee Tree” benefits us all!

We love our bees - and why wouldn't we?  Imagine a world  without  tomatoes, onions, carrots and beans not to mention the hundreds of other vegetables, fruit and oil seeds that are dependent upon bees for pollination.We are adamant about protecting our environment for many reasons not the least of which is to protect and help save the honey [...]

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​Welcome to our Blog!

We’re excited and we have made a list of things we want to talk about and share – mostly pertaining to things we care about - natural skincare and remedies, health, healing plants and their essences, animals, farming and other fun stuff – so back up your truck, friends – we be bloggin'!

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Galiano Island Soap Works is dedicated to creating healthy skin care products using home grown fresh raw ingredients that are handpicked and hand processed in small batches to ensure high quality additions to our products. Fresh is best!

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