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It's Baaaaaack! The Must-Have Vitamin C Face Cream!

Ladies and gentlemen, after much begging and pleading we are proud to announce the return of our original formula Vitamin C Facial Cream!! With winter just around the corner and cool windy days ahead, it's time to step-up our skin care regime. This ever-popular and hydrating formula is exactly what your skin needs to stay [...]

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How to Salve your Skin Conditions this Winter

These cool windy days can cause dry, chapped or cracked skin that wreak havoc on conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes and other skin irritations. Hydrated and nourished skin is key in fighting off these annoying and sometimes unsightly blemishes. This means it's time to amp up your moisturizers folks...and what better way to [...]

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Let's Talk Soap!

With so many different brands and methods of soapmaking, soap is more than just lathering up these days. It's important to know which ingredients you're washing with, how they're beneficial to you and what steps you can take to lengthen the life of your soap bar.Our handcrafted Luxury Soap Bars are perfected using  organic vegetable [...]

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Food for You AND Your Face!

It is a never-ending quest to discover creative and resourceful ways to keep our skin looking radiant and healthy. More and more of us are heading to our pantries, gardens and refrigerators in search of inspiration for skin care products rather than running to our local drugstores. It seems like fruits, veggies, oils and nuts [...]

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The summer months bring us blissful days at the beach, ocean swims and outdoor fun. They also bring sunburns, sweat, skin irritations and the need to take extra diligent care of our skin. This means applying sunscreen to protect our epidermis from harmful rays, staying hydrated to maintain moisture and eating a diet [...]

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An apple a day - that is, a green apple.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Really?Most people don't think of apples as a very exotic fruit. It may not be a tropical fruit but it really is pretty amazing. Practically since the beginning of time green apples have been recognized for all of the health benefits. One little green [...]

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Gotta LOVE those "pesky" weeds!

Most people see weeds as problems in their gardens and yards. Weeding is almost a full time job for some gardeners. At Galiano Island Soapworks we are different than some people, we love many of those pesky weeds.Stinging nettles:  Ouch! Yes it bites, but oh does it have some wonderful healing qualities and such a nutritious and abundant wild food!  Rich [...]

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Refined vs Unrefined.

Refined/Unrefined: What’s in a label?Imagine: two pots of face cream, identical but for the wording on the labels. One says “raw, unrefined, natural” and the other says “refined, de-odorized, pure white and with a subtle floral fragrance”. Which one would YOU trust for your delicate skin?The truth is that the “raw, unrefined” Shea Butter is [...]

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​Pets need sun protection too!

Dogs with light pigmentation are susceptible to sunburn just like humans are. Most of their body is covered with hair but because dogs love to lie in the sun they expose their tummies where hair is sparse and if they have thin hair or part of their body with no hair, they will burn in a short period [...]

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Natural sun protection.

It’s the time of year when we are all looking forward to enjoying the sun. Most of us spend long hours working in the sun and some of us are enjoying many hours at the beach. Whatever you are doing you need sun protection. For those of you who love the idea of a natural protection plan, [...]

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